Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yet another Crater Lake tour

Garfield Peak above the Crater Lake Lodge
This winter, while our east coast brethren have been pummeled by arctic blast after arctic blast, the west coast has been high and dry (the first half of winter) and warm and wet (the second half).  Consequently, not much terrain in southern Oregon has been skiable.  Crater Lake is one of the few exceptions. Due to its relatively high elevation and easy access, Garfield Peak (and the greater Crater Lake vicinity) has become a familiar place to me this winter.  

Here are a few photos from my tour last Saturday:

Rim Drive

Taking a pause just below the meadows
Josh hiking the meadows below Garfield Peak

An incoming warm front brought rain  all the way up to the Garfield Peak summit

The northeast shore of Crater Lake


skiology said...

How is the west bowl on Mt. Scott looking? Last year we missed it by a few weeks and things were pretty sparse.

Pete said...

I haven't seen it in a couple weeks, but it's probably in good shape for the time being. Looks like more snow this week into next. Access might be a challenge though. I'm not sure if (or how far) Boundary Road is clear on the east side.