Monday, May 27, 2013

Not Quite Mount Scott

West Boundary Road - east side access to Mount Scott
I had hoped I could summit Mount Scott (the highest peak in Crater Lake national park) on my way back from a Memorial Day road trip to eastern Washington. Mother Nature had other ideas, however, as the rainy season has apparently returned to the northwest.  It was quickly clear that I would not be summiting, but I did manage hike for some turns on the north aspect of the southeast ridge. It was a wet affair, but, as always, there's no such thing as a bad day on skis.

I was able to drive to 6,200 before the drifts stopped me 

Skiable... but not for long

This is as high as I go

A (not so) bad day on skis


Lin said...

what do you think is the best access for skiing McLoughlin right now?

Pete said...

Until east Rim Drive opens (which could be soon-- might check with park HQ first), your best bet is from the East. From US 97, turn west on West Boundary Road. When you reach a T intersection, take a left and then an immediate right on NF 2308. Follow 2308 for several miles up to about 6100 feet, where it makes a hard turn to the right. Park there, and you probably have a mile or two of hiking before you hit skinable snow.

That said, if you can time your visit for right after east Rim Drive opens you get a much shorter approach from the parking area on the west side.

Hope that helps...